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Will a metal roof make my home hot and noisy?

No - to both. Let's look at heat first. An asphalt roof is a "direct to deck" application, meaning it is fastened directly to the plywood. This means the sun heats up the asphalt shingles, plywood, and attic space. It then pushes the heat into the home-this is heightened with cathedral ceilings as well as 2-story houses-thus causing the air conditioner to work "overtime" to keep the house cool. Frequently, we see upstairs temperatures 5-10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

Metro stone-coated metal singles sit off the roof by design. This allows for air movement both between the shingles and underlying deck as well as moving air from the exclusive Metro venting system between the shingles and deck. Heat is allowed to dissipate through those vents, thereby reducing energy bills.

The Metro roofing system is also quiet. The combination of dead air space and the stone coating deaden and minimize all outside sounds.

Cooler AND quiet - the best of both worlds!

Posted by Michael Richichi on April 18, 2013

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Metal roofs and storms - how do they fair?

High Wind: Metro roof systems with stand installation are covered under the 120 mph wind warranty. However, Sunset Ridge Exteriors installs per HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) Standards. This is the highest wind velocity standard (Miami-Dade county), and let's face it, at 140 mph winds, we have other things to worry about than if the roof is still there.

Hail: Metro stone-coated steel panels received the highest impact resistance rating from UL Laboratories. The panels are under warranty to 2 ½" hail. If this size hail happens to occur, we can simple unscrew the damaged panels and replace them. No need to tear off the whole roof--another benefit of Metro stone-coated roofing.

Posted by Michael Richichi on April 18, 2013

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Why Metal Roofing?

Stone-coated steel roofing has been around since the 1990s. If you have traveled overseas, you will notice that they do not use asphalt roofing. Asphalt shingles are a disposable roof covering. While asphalt roofing may carry a 30-50 year warranty, the warranty is heavily pro-rated for the first 10 years. This usually means the end of the warranty offered. Stone-coated metal roofing, with its advances in product technologies, means it will be the last roof you will ever need.

Posted by Michael Richichi on August 22, 2012

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What Your Window Sticker Means?

Your window sticker tells you everything you need to know about how your windows will perform. All windows are sent out to the “NFRC” – National Fenestration Rating Council. This is a national stand for rating the efficiency of a window. So, what DO those numbers and ratings actually mean?

U-factor: This number indicates the rate of heat loss of a window. The lower the number, the better and more efficient the window is at eliminating heat loss from your home (inside-out).

Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency (SHGC): This measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight. The lower the number, the lower the amount of heat a window allows in to your home (outside-in).

Visible Transmitter (VT): This number, between 0 and 1, measures how much light comes through a product. The higher the number, the more light that is transmitted.

DP Rating: This is a hurricane rating for the window that incorporates air infiltration, water penetration, structural pressure, and forced entry performance ratings. &A DP Rating of 35 is equivalent to a 118 mph wind speed.

A label is required by law to be attached to each window and remain on that window through the install process. It ensures that you, the customer, receives the window that you purchased.

Posted by Michael Richichi on Monday, August 7, 2012

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Window Replacement = Security

We often don’t think of the security of our most prized possessions (our homes and everything in them) when we replace windows, but first floor windows account for 23% of break-in entry points. Here are a few great safety benefits of windows from Sunset Ridge Exteriors:

Ventilation Limit Vent Locks: These locks allow the window to be opened from the inside about 4” high, but keeps intruders out by not allowing the window to be pushed up from the outside. They can also help keep young children safe, by limiting the open space while still allowing for airflow.

2 Low Profile Locks: Two locks are always better than one… with a positive cam system, these locks pull the sashes tight and do not allow the window to be pried open.
Interlocking Sash Rails: At the locking point on the window, the sash rails interlock to prevent air infiltration. This not only keeps drafts from chilling your home, but it also means it is next to impossible to pry the windows apart.

Triple Pane Glass: Compare to other types of glass, triple pane glass means 2-3 times as much noise when an intruder tries to break the glass. The additional chamber of gas also means more noise when that chamber is breached.

As you can see, security can be an added benefit to consider when choosing the window for you and your family.

Posted by Michael Richichi on Monday, August 7, 2012

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Window Replacement = “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”:

When looking at replacing windows, another feature you should consider in addition to increased energy efficiency, is that you will notice a significant difference on the amount of outside noise you hear. New windows will reduce that noise by as much as 60%, making your home more comfortable. One customer, who works at night, actually likes birds again! :)

Posted by Michael Richichi on Monday, August 7, 2012

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Clean Windows (No more groaning!)

It is always difficult to clean old windows… something most people try to avoid at all costs.  Cleaning your windows used to mean climbing on the ladder to get to the second floor…or worse, hanging your butt out the window to clean the outside (yes, we have all done it!). First, you have to clean the combination storm windows, that leads to pinched fingers, and streaks… then it’s finally on to the actual window. GROAN!

Quality replacement windows will save you that groan (okay, you might grumble a little, but by the time you’re done, you’ll have clean windows!). These windows will tip in for easy cleaning, that means never having to do it from the outside again. With new glass technology, they are resistant to spotting and can be cleaned with water and paper towels.

Here is a tip that will make it even easier… when windows are tipped in, clean the outside pane in one direction (ie: up and down), and then clean the inside pane in the opposite direction (ie: side to side). This will make it clean, if you have any streaks, which side of the window your streaks are on.

PS – If you don’t use ammonia products, your windows are less likely to streak

PPS – I didn’t forget about you casement window (crank-out) lovers, don’t worry… your cleaning is easier too… Our windows open to 90 so that you can clean both sides from the inside too!

Posted by Michael Richichi on Monday, August 7, 2012

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Patio Door – Security Features

Patio doors are typically a prime source of entry for anyone looking to break into your home. Side entry doors (including glass sliding doors) account for 22% of home break-ins. Our patio doors have several features to help prevent that from happening.

We offer a unique 3-point locking mechanism which gives you several times more resistance to forced entry than patio doors with only a single lock.

Our doors also have an exterior key lock. This can make your door a primary entryway to your home. Keyed locks on patio doors can cause burglars to more hesitant to breaking in.

Triple pane, double-strength glass on your patio door makes more noise if broken, and it also takes more time and effort to break the glass. This serves as a strong deterrent since a burglar will likely give up if they cannot make entry within 5-10 minutes.

The patio door’s security foot lock also provides extra security when the door is closed.  The pin locks the door into the frame, not allowing it to be jimmied open. It will also allow the door to be open a few inches, and lock, for evening security while you are home (this feature also keeps little ones from escaping!).

Posted by Michael Richichi on Monday, August 7, 2012

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NO more maintenance – AMEN!

How do you like the sound of this… no more re-glazing, no more caulking to seal up gaps, and no staining or painting – inside or out!  With new windows from Sunset Ridge Exteriors, we are happy to eliminate your window maintenance.  Your time can now be spent doing better things (or, at least other things on your honey-do list).

Our windows feature uiPVC (polyvinylchloride). This vinyl withstands hard weather without chipping, chalking, or discoloring. Our vinyl’s base color is also solid throughout. Make sure you pick a color that you love, as you can’t paint a vinyl window!

Another positive is that we feature several colors of woodgrain interior, including oak, cherry, and rosewood. Today’s wood grains are designed to last a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty!

Posted by Michael Richichi on Monday, August 7, 2012

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