3 Tips to Update and Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space that looks dynamic and inviting and something that lends a visual appeal without breaking the bank can add a lot of value to your home. Making your outdoor space the central gathering point of your house by making it flexible, relaxing and pleasing helps to add to the appeal and inviting aspect of your home. Find out how you can add a new charm to your balcony, backyard and other outdoor areas with a few easy steps.

The first tip is to rekindle the fire. A fireplace or firepit in your outdoor living space will add to both comfort and appeal of your house. This is where you curl up with your favorite blanket, book, or cup of coffee and visit with family and friends during the warm summer days and nights. Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your outdoor living space also makes the space more functional for use during the cooler fall or spring days and nights.

A place to sit: your outdoor living space should have plenty of seating options and room for guests to visit. Choose something lovely for a large dinner, something casual for a quiet night in and don’t forget to have something for the kids. However, one way that can make the area look too busy is by adding too many chairs. Instead of using multiple chairs, using inviting couches, and built-in benches can make the area look less crowded and can still accommodate a large group.

Another critical aspect of your outdoor living space is to make sure it has one focal point. This focal point could be a wide variety of things. Some of these examples include a sofa, a large circular glass table or a fire pit or fireplace. Another great way to add to your outdoor living space and focal point is to add a few attractive potted planters to soften up the hardscape. Lanterns and landscape lighting also add an inviting appeal for evening entertaining. If you notice your outdoor living space is looking a little dull, adding a splash of color with flowers and outdoor pillows is a great way to lighten up the space.

Repairing, remodeling and adding little personal touches to your outdoor living space is a great extension of your square footage and living space when properly designed. Adding usable space equals added value and who better to design and execute your outdoor living space remodel than the professionals at Sunset Ridge Exteriors! If you are thinking that your outdoor living space needs an update, be sure to give us a call at 608-838-2500 or visit our website for more information.