5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Home Remodeling Projects

As we all know, Wisconsin winters can be long and intense. Believe it or not, winter is a good time to focus on your home and take on the daunting task of updating your interior and exterior. These tasks can range from any small repairs to full roof replacements. If you are thinking about doing any remodeling or repairing for your home, now is the best time. Below are five reasons why winter may be the best time for you to do your project:

1 . Contractor Availability and Convenient Project Scheduling

During the winter months, you may find that your contractor has more time to work with you in planning and finalizing your project. In the summer, you may find it harder to work with your contractor more frequently, as work tends to pick up. As well as the contractor becoming more available, the contracting production schedule starts to open up in the winter. During the summer months, contracting companies are the busiest. However, as the temperatures start to drop, and winter starts to roll in, it is easier for contractors to schedule work and get your project completed quicker.

2. Avoid Manufacturer Spring Price Increases

Booking your home remodeling project before the new year is a great way to take advantage of reduced prices. Typically, we experience an increase in prices from our manufactures after the new year. If you can schedule and sign your contract before the new year, you will be paying the best prices.

3. Clean-up

While some homeowners will want to wait until spring to remodel because of concerns about dust, fumes and areas for staging work, current technologies and clean-up methods control these problems. Fans with negative pressure, plastic zip doors, and sealing off heat ducts with a filter with contain dust, debris, and fumes to the work area.

4. Completing Exterior Projects in the Cold

As long as the weather cooperates, can work on your home and get your project completed. Obviously, we can’t predict the weather as it has already been unpredictable, we will do our best to get your project done promptly.

5. Permit Approvals

Government agencies and offices tend to be less busy in the winter, which makes it easier and quicker to obtain necessary permits.