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Hail Damage Myths

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“I have to file a claim ASAP for my insurance to cover damage”:

The first thing to remember when dealing with your home is that most companies give you a year to file a claim with your insurance. While that doesn’t mean wait 10 months before checking for damage, it does mean that you do not need to fight with the influx of people demanding that someone comes out to their home today. Waiting a week or two for things to settle down and you can get your preferred roofing contractor out to take a look at everything won’t make a difference in the long run, and just might reduce your stress level. (A caveat here is that if you have very obvious damage such as a hole in your roof from a tree branch or siding ripped away from your house you would want to get that taken care of right away).

“My Neighbor Has Hail Damage, so that means I must have it too”:

Weather is weird. It is not uncommon for one home on a block to have damage, but none of the others do (or vice versa). I’m sure you’ve heard of the friend of a friend who had a roofer come to their door stating that they were working on the neighbors roof and so they would need to fix their roof to, and Oh! Here is a quote. Then after a claim is filed and the insurance company comes out it turns out there is no damage.

Not every company that comes to your door is disreputable, but it’s often safer to work with a company you find yourself through a safe consumer website then going with “storm chasers”.

“The hail was huge, it HAD to have damaged my roof, right?”

This might seem like a no-brainer: 2-inch hail was falling from the sky, of course, you have hail damage, you think. But as mentioned previously, the weather is weird. There are more factors that come into play than the size of the hail. Sometimes the wind isn’t blowing hard enough for the hail to cause damage. Sometimes, despite the size of the hail, the density isn’t that great, meaning no damage occurs.

So, if seeing hail the size of a golf-ball falling from the sky isn’t enough to indicate damage, what else can you do? Check out the other “softer” parts of your home and yard. Gutters, downspouts, grills, lawn furniture. If these softer objects aren’t dented, then it is not likely that your roof, which is designed to hold up to weather incidents, is damaged.