Proper Etiquette When a Contractor Is in Your Home

Many homeowners may not know what to expect or what the proper thing to do is when a contractor or handyman comes over to your house. Some people feel like it is necessary to stand there and watch the whole process and feel like they have to supervise. This blog will answer all your questions and give you the facts on what the proper thing to do is when a contractor is working in your home.

The first item that is a nice courtesy but not expected, is to offer the workers refreshments. Often times, the work they are doing is grueling and takes a lot of time and energy. Offering them something to drink is not required, but something nice to make the workers feel more comfortable and refreshed.

The second and probably the most important is to stay away from the workspace. It is ok to check in every now and again but for your safety and the worker’s safety, staying away is the best choice. Not only is this important for your safety, but letting the workers do their job can help speed up the process. We advise any homeowner to carry on their day as usual and let the crew do their job.

Next, before the workers arrive it is a good idea to remove any items in the work area that may be in the way or items you want to be kept safe. Throughout the process, there can be a lot of debris, noise, and items moving around so there is a risk for items being damaged. Again, to avoid this issue we always advise homeowners to remove important items such as decor and furniture.

Along with cleaning up the work area before the crew arrives, we always advise homeowners to lock away pets and keep away small children. This is very important for your pets and child’s safety and as we said before, there are a lot of moving parts and debris during this process. Another important reason to keep your pets locked up is that the workers are coming and leaving a lot. Keeping your pets locked up and put away prevents the possibility of them getting out of the house when the crews are coming and going.

All in all, the biggest take away to understand from this is to let the workers work. Checking in every now and again is acceptable, however, standing and watching throughout the whole process is not safe and can prohibit the workers from getting their job done in a timely manner.