Reduce Roof Maintenance

A roof is a very important, and expensive, part of your home. It not only protects the household, but everything under and in it. Maintaining your roof is the best way to ensure this defense.

Atlas Roofing’s StormMaster® Slate and StormMaster Shake shingles have high performance and durability features that can help your roof battle the many weather changes throughout the year. With this strength, it also means that your roof may need less repairs over its lifetime.

Mastering The Storms

Atlas StormMaster Shake and StormMaster Slate shingles have both earned highest class ratings for impact resistance. Underwriters Laboratory (UL), a global independent safety science company, tests shingles for impact resistance, rating them from Class 1, being the the lowest, to Class 4, being the highest level of impact resistance. With both shingles earning Class 4 ratings, it justifies the performance and durability. These shingles are made with Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), a rubberized polymer that gives flexibility and toughness that shields against weather impact.

High winds can cause shingles to tear off and lead to worsened problems, such as roof leaks. Atlas Roofing has a 130 mph Wind limited Warranty (and proper installation), that can assure that StormMaster shingles will stay in place during fierce winds and storms.

Atlas StormMaster Shingles also come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty against the ugly black streaks on roofs that are caused by algae. With added Scotchgard™ Protector, StormMaster shingles are guaranteed to maintain their color and beauty for years, with many benefits.

Mastering the Warranties  

When StormMaster shingles are installed as part of an Atlas Signature Select Roofing System, your roof is backed by a Premium Protection period that extends its warranty from 10-20 years.

StormMaster shingles give a home incredible curb appeal and security that shelters the house and everything inside of it.  

Mastering the Install

To make sure that you get all the benefits that StormMaster shingles provide, it is important to have a professional contractor that will properly install them. Sunset Ridge Exteriors has qualified and experienced installers that will replace your shingles that will guarantee you receive all the benefits from StormMaster shingles. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.