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Spring Cleaning for the Exterior of Your Home

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Many people are busy cleaning the interior of their home this spring, however, it is just as important to clean the exterior as well. Exterior cleaning is critical for your home’s long-term health. As the weather gradually gets warmer and outdoor activities get easier, here are some fast and simple ways to clean the exterior of your home.


Make sure your gutters are clear of debris or any material that could cause restriction of water flow. Clogged gutters can lead to many problems including overflow, mold, rot, and flood damage – which can diminish the lifespan of your roof and siding. If you notice cleaning your gutters is frequent and time-consuming, it may be time to upgrade to clog-free gutters. Check out GutterRx and installation to solve this problem.


It is important to do an annual deck clean and check to keep it maintained. This will forestall repairs, protect your investment, and heighten your enjoyment in your outdoor space. Sweep and wash your deck free of debris – use a power washer for an easy and fast clean-up. At this time you can consider whether it is time to apply a stain or sealant, or need repair. If further repair is needed, you can contact Sunset Ridge Exterior for a consultation.


Siding is a large part of the exterior of your home and curb appeal, and cleaning it can make your home look more attractive. It is important to clean your siding annually for it can generate mold, mildew, and dirt. Using a pressure washer, it can be easy to clean any siding such as wood, vinyl, or stone.


Cleaning the windows can make your home look nicer, as well as make it appealing for you to see outside. Harsh elements can build up on the exterior of your windows and lead to damage; therefore, it is important to annually clean them to protect their lifespan. Simply use soapy water to clean away dirt and debris, then squeegee off the excess liquid.


Your front door should be cleaned and inspected about once a year. You can use a gentle cleaning product to remove dirt and grime, and a glass cleaner to clean window panels. As you are cleaning your door, you can perform a basic inspection. Look for damage, weather stripping, or chipped finish. If you need a repair or a new door, you can contact Sunset Ridge to get an inspection.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]