The Importance of Window Maintenance and Replacement for Fire Safety

Thinking about a fire to your home or your business is often an idea most individuals do not want to think about. However, being prepared for these events is crucial when considering your safety and everyone else’s who is involved. When it comes to window safety in the event of a fire, there are two main aspects to consider: preventing it from spreading and having a proper exit plan. Getting your windows serviced and replaced when necessary ensures they remain in prime condition to provide a safe environment for the public.

Regular maintenance and servicing to your windows will ensure you are meeting any and current building regulations that apply to your property. As well as meeting building regulations, by ensuring the functionality of your windows you are ensuring the safety of yourself and others around you as well. Keeping up with window maintenance will also help to keep the window frames as strong as possible, decreasing the likelihood of them bending in a fire and breaking the glass panels, as falling and broken glass can pose a real threat.

Sunset Ridge Exteriors uses Alliance windows which provide a lifetime warranty including any glass breakage. These windows all have a safety latch that is great for children and in the event of a fire. As well as a safety latch, these windows are foam filled making them more energy efficient.

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