You Get What You Pay For: The $1,076.00 Lesson

The never-ending list of household projects can make putting money into your home feel frustrating; it can be difficult to decide on the right investments when even $1,000 is a lot of money. With that being said, you get what you pay for… below we are going to share with you the $1,076 lesson.

We were recently in a neighborhood where a number of roofs needed to be replaced. Our roofing specialist provided bids to two potential customers at houses across the street from each other. Our company received a contract from one of the two customers; when we called their neighbor back, we were told that they went with another company that was $1,076.00 cheaper. Oh, if it was only that!

I’m sure by now you can figure out where this is going. Not even six months later, we get a call from the neighbor letting us know the “cheaper” roof is leaking. The contractor won’t return phone calls or come back to fix the issues.

Our company is not the most expensive and certainly not the cheapest, but this is what the $1,076.00 buys you:

  • Quality training for our roofing crews. All crews must pass written exams, and we spot check on a regular basis to ensure we are using best practices for installation.
  • Worker’s Compensation insurance that ensures — if God-forbid an accident happens — you are not held liable.
  • Permits are secured with the local building inspectors to ensure all work is done to code.
  • Materials of the highest quality are used during the replacement of everything on your roof.
  • A local storefront with employees that answer phones, file for warranties, maintain quality control and give you updates along the way.
  • And — if you ever have an issue — the assurance that we will be there for you.

So back to our customer’s neighbor… The roof could not be fixed; it needed to be stripped and re-roofed due to the poor workmanship and inferior products used. They might have “saved” $1,076, but this lesson actually cost them an additional $14,650. We are certain this homeowner will tell you, that the “extra” $1,076 would have been well-spent.

When starting an exterior home project it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes. However, when receiving these quotes you should be sure to weigh out all your options and understand the dangers you could face when choosing the “cheapest” option. In the end, you always receive what you pay for.