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Vinyl Siding

Alside® Vinyl Siding

Sunset Ridge Exteriors is proud to work with Alside® Vinyl siding and provides a choice between Coventry®, Charter Oak®, or Prodigy® siding to better fit the needs and budgets of our clients.

Check out the information below to see what option is best for you. Still not sure? Give us a call (or send us a message) and we would be happy to meet with you to review your needs to help you find the right siding for you.

All of our siding options come with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty should you ever sell you home.

Coventry by Alside®: Where Quality Craftsmanship meets Exquisite Style

The affordable, versatile and easy maintenance benefits of Coventry by Alside® have made it one of the most popular siding choices available. Performance-engineered for superb durability, Coventry incorporates essential design features to deliver outstanding protection for your home. Coventry's heavy-duty construction is fortified with a rolled top nailing hem to provide an extra-strong wall attachment. And, once it's installed, the finished look makes a powerful statement about the quality of your siding.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in three classic profile widths. D4 clapboard and dutch lap, D5 clapboard and dutch lap, and triple 3" clapboard
  • Rolled top nail hem for added rigidity
  • Natural cedar grain texture
  • .042 thickness (normal)

To learn more about what Coventry by Alside® can do to for your home visit their website or download the brochure for more information.

Charter Oak® Energy Elite: Engineered to Insulate and Protect

If reducing energy costs is important to you, one of the most effective ways to do so is installing Charter Oak® Energy Elite insulated vinyl siding on your home. In fact, Charter Oak Energy Elite provides maximum energy efficiency that ultimately saves you money and time while keeping your home comfortable and quieter year-round.

Your home will benefit from Charter Oak Energy Elite's contoured foam underlayment that is rated for superior performance in extreme weather conditions. Plus, you'll enjoy all the aesthetic benefits of Charter Oak® premium vinyl siding while increasing your home's value.

Features and Benefits:

  • Features a precisely contoured insulating foam underlayment that reduces energy costs while keeping your home comfortable
  • Five times the impact resistance of traditional siding
  • Exclusive TriBeam® construction delivers superior rigidity, for straight and even walls
  • 500% more breathable than other insulated systems and will not absorb or retain moisture
  • Rolled-edge nail hem ensures superior performance in any climate and weather conditions

To learn more about what Charter Oak Energy Elite® can do to save energy in your home visit their website or download the brochure for more information.

Prodigy® Insulated Siding: Energy Efficient, Beautiful, Breathable & Durable

Prodigy's premium 1-1/2" thick insulation delivers exceptional R-value performance (resistance to heat flow) that can help you save money on utility costs and feel food in your home year-round. This finely milled cedar grain panel provides timeless curb appeal with its 16' 8" extended length design yields clean lines and modern style for an understated elegance.

Features and Benefits

  • 1 1/2" thick insulation wraps your home in a thermal blanket of protection to help lower utility costs while providing a warm and cozy environment
  • The secure interlocking panel design provides a tight fit and clean, crisp course lines
  • Prodigy's vinyl surface repels heavy rain while its insulating layer breaths freely to keep your home comfortable
  • 16' 8" extended panel length provides the look of natural wood and does not require face nailing or unsightly caulking

To learn more about what Prodigy® can do to save energy in your home visit their website or download the brochure for more information.


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