Protecting Your Roof and Home from the Wisconsin Winter

One of the more common problems a roof can suffer from in Wisconsin is ice dams. Ice dams are an insidious and tricky headache for homeowners and Sunset Ridge Exteriors are here to help.

One of the quickest ways to safely remove ice and ice dams from your roof is ice dam steaming. Steaming at low pressure is gentle and safe. It is a great way to apply heat to the ice damn without damaging roofing materials. Contact us today regarding any possible ice dam issues today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Dams

Ice damns form when rising heat from the home causes snow or ice on the roof to melt, then re-freeze on the eaves and/or gutters of a home, causing a blockage of water coming down the roof.

Rising temperatures in a home cause snow and ice to melt before it re-freezes on the eaves of a home

By having the flow of water off the roof stopped, water then proceeds to collect and move back up the roof, eventually getting under even the best laid shingles. Once the water gets under the shingles, it can come into the home and cause leaks, rot, and damage.