Final Inspection

What Does the Superintendent Look for When Completing a Final Inspection?Final Inspection
After our crew has finished working on your installation the superintendent will come to the site to conduct a non-invasive visual inspection of the project. There are several things that they will look for during their inspection.

  • They check that the crew has cleaned up the site from any supplies and materials used for the install. We want the area to be free from debris or clutter so that the site looks just as it was before we arrived.
  • They will make sure that there was no damage done from the job. We take measures to ensure that your property isn’t affected by the install and at the end of the project the superintendent will confirm that we were successful. 
  • Most importantly, they will make sure that everything was installed correctly. The entirety of the project and the specific materials are double checked that they are installed properly so that you can be confident in the install and not worry about problems in the future.  

Why is the Completion Certificate Important?
During this visit the Superintendent will also speak to the homeowner. At this time they will explain exactly what was done during the job and address any questions or concerns that may come up. They will then have the homeowner sign the completion form that brings a final end to the project. Our intention is to bring peace of mind with every customer interaction, and this time of communication at the end of our work ensures that the customer is satisfied with the job and comfortable in their renovated home.