The Strongest Warranty

When looking at home renovation options it can start to seem like you may never understand everything you need to - between all the industry-specific terms, long contracts, and complicated fine print. One thing that will come up often is the warranty, but there are many different options and it is important to understand what is being offered when making your decision.

There are many questions one might consider when looking at warranties, such as:

  • Is a warranty actually worth having?
  • What do the terms limited and lifetime mean when it comes to warranties?
  •  Are there transferable warranties that cover future homeowners?
  •  What does it mean if a warranty is prorated or non-prorated?
  •  Which is better - material or labor warranties?

All of these different factors can seem pretty overwhelming, but we have gone through all of these questions and listed the most important things to consider when looking at warranties so that you can see what is the best fit for you and your project.

What is the value of having a warranty?

A warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer or contractor that they will replace, repair, or help cover the cost of the product for a certain amount of time after the installation. Since there are many different factors that can lead to damage to exterior housing products, it is something that is not uncommon to be needed.

A warranty can mean the difference between getting a free fix for any future damage - or having to invest more money into your project, which is why it is one of the most important things to consider when looking to make any home improvements.

What does limited and lifetime mean?

What exactly lifetime warranties cover depends on the manufacturer or the contractor. The most common understanding of what lifetime means is the duration of time that the original homeowner lives there. For the entire time one lives at their house after the remodel, they are guaranteed to have coverage under the warranty.

The word limited on a warranty simply means that the warranty is not infinite or unlimited. There are always going to be some exclusions and limits to warranties, but these limits vary wildly by the contractor so it is important to always read the fine print when comparing. Though two different warranties can both say they are lifetime, the actual full coverage and benefits of one may last decades less than another.

Are there transferable warranties that cover future homeowners?

When seeing that a product has a lifetime warranty you may wonder if that covers future homeowners. These types of warranties do exist, but they are hard to come by. In order for a contractor to even offer these warranties, they must use the best quality materials, follow the highest standards, and meet all the criteria set by the manufacturer. Manufacturers and suppliers require these things so that they can be confident that the product will stand the test of time. If you can find a contractor who has these certifications and strong warranties, you can be sure that the project will be done correctly.

What is the difference between a prorated and a non-prorated warranty?

A prorated warranty declines over time and does not cover the entire cost. This means that a contractor can advertise a “lifetime” warranty, but its coverage can fall to 50% of the cost in only a few years, and continue to drop as time goes by.

A non-prorated warranty is one that will cover the entire cost of replacement within the warranty lifespan.

What is the difference between material and labor warranties?

Material warranties cover only the materials needed for a repair. This means you will still be charged for the service from the contractor but they will cover the supplies needed.

Labor warranties cover the labor needed to fix the issue. This is important because in any job that requires hands-on work, the cost of labor is a large part of the expense. The materials of a project alone being covered don't account for the labor, service, and installation costs needed to pay specialists for their work.

What warranties does Sunset Ridge Exteriors offer?

At Sunset Ridge Exteriors we understand the importance of a strong warranty and offer the best options for you to feel comfortable with your purchase. We have held ourselves to the highest standard and have been certified by several manufacturers to offer the best warranties with the most coverage. The details of our warranties vary by product, but we offer a non-prorated lifetime warranty that covers both labor and materials on roofing, windows, and siding.

Our sales team members would be happy to further explain the warranties we offer and anything else you may be curious about. Feel free to Schedule A Free Estimate today!