What to Expect When Having Your Siding Replaced

To assist our homeowners, here are some helpful tips about what to expect when having your siding installed or replaced with Sunset Ridge Exteriors.

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The time it takes from the day you sign your siding contract and when we receive your down payment to the completion of your siding project may vary. There are many factors that come into play, such as Wisconsin Weather, production volume, crew schedule, supplier deliveries, waste disposal, and more. Please trust that our goal is to complete a quality siding installation in a timely manner, and we are actively working on making sure we are executing your siding job as quickly as possible.


Material Lead Times

Material production and manufacturing times can vary. This is due to a variety of factors such as amount of material, color selection, availability and transportation/shipping times.

Typically, siding materials take about 4 – 8 weeks to become available to us to execute your job. We do appreciate your patience and will communicate with you when materials are in our possession and we’re ready to begin scheduling your siding project. We will also inform you of any extreme delays.



Between the time of signing your contract and paying your down payment, we might need to make a few visits to your home to take pictures, take measurements, and a few other assessments.

For a large majority of these visits, we will most likely not need to meet with you (but would be more than glad to) and would not need to enter the home or have you there.

We will inform you if we are coming to your property however, so you may be aware of when we’re there and/or inform neighbors to visitors.

If we do need to meet with you, our office will contact you and set an appointment.


Length of Job

Depending on the size of your home, along with other factors regarding your home, your siding installation can take one to several weeks.

One factors that influences this is weather. Throughout your siding project, our crew is very mindful of the weather and protecting your home from the elements. Please be re-assured that your home will be protected from the elements. This could come in the form of making sure securing house wrap and other insulation over exposed areas, or in some cases tarping. The crew will always be mindful of the protection of your home.

Another factor that strongly influences the length of your siding project is what our crews find under your current siding. If there is structural damage, rot, insufficient framing or OSB, or insulation issues,  this might cause delays while we attempt to rectify that situation. If this would result in additional charges, our offices will be in contact with you to sign a Work Change Order and keep you informed of what exactly needs to be done and why.


Pre-Installation Phone Call

Your project manager will be in contact with you when we are ready to work with you to schedule the job. We will also address any pre-installation concerns with you that we have, as well as address any concerns your might have regarding the siding work.

Also, during this time, your project manager will discuss with you an alternative schedule to accommodate the variable nature of Wisconsin weather.

Our production team may also need to meet in person with you, even after the sales person, just to have a better understanding of the scope of the project.

Excellent Options To Suit Your Needs

Our team of professionals will assist you in choosing a great roofing material that performs well, matches your needs and style, and fits your budget.